Guide to SEO and how it can help your business

In today’s digital world, one of the most common practices that everyone needs to have knowledge about is SEO. Search Engine Optimisation, commonly known as SEO, is simply the process in which you get more traffic to your website or online business from Google. The simple process is highly effective as when it comes to SEO, you are not paying Google anything to put your website ahead of your competitors. It is actually quality content and services on your website that Google uses to put your results on top of your competitors.

What SEO does for your business?

When you apply best SEO practices for your online business and its website, it helps your business grow both offline and online. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo evaluate your website and see how well you have optimised content on your website (such as text, images, tables, videos, etc.) based on SEO guidelines and ranks your content on their results page based on what a customer searches for.

How can your business benefit from SEO

As the world is moving towards digitisation, businesses are ramping up with their online presence and have started to take SEO seriously. If you have an online business but are not sure how adopting SEO best practices can help your business, here are some benefits listed for you.

Research says that users tend to click one of the first five results or websites they see on Google or any other search engine. Also, they never go past the first page on search engines results. So if you want your website to appear on the first page of Google and also in the top five results, you need to implement SEO on your website.

You can also use SEO as a promotional technique for your online business. This means that you can optimise your website not just for search engines but also for social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ among others.

If your website has a lot of direct links to other websites (they could be your service partners or providers), SEO also gives you the benefit of linking to and from other websites as long as the content on their website is optimised too.

With the right SEO, you can put your website ahead of your competitors and make sure users who are in the market looking for services or products similar to yours, see and click your website before they see what your competitors are offering. This in turn beings more traffic to your website, more visibility to your services and products and more lead generation or conversion.


If you’ve heard that SEO is difficult, that is not true. With the right content and by following SEO best practice you can start optimising your website for search engines and make sure you stay ahead of your competition all the time.